After the cruise we spent a few days in Barcelona enjoying a taste of the hot sunny weather before we returned to UK for the final couple of weeks of our holiday. We did the obligatory walk along La Rambla earlyish one morning hoping to avoid the crowds along with many others with the same idea! The sign on the building (bottom right) or Catalan flags or similar symbols were hung from numerous buildings around the city reflecting the state of political play in the region.  One of us was annointed by Don Quixote as we wandered and another studied the paintings in a street stall quite intently. But did she buy???

It’s a city that combines many forms of architecture, including that of the iconic Gaudi (top left, Sagrada Familia), the old juxtaposed with the modern with the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) more or less at its centre (lower left). We walked from the Maritime Museum (lower right) at the port to Sagrada Familia on what turned out to be our hottest day – quite a slog!

Our walk took us through the Gothic Quarter with its narrow mediaeval roads and passages with the the usual souvenir shops but also locals going about their business, like the itinerant knife grinder and the cook below. Lots of graffiti in places also, some obviously political – but we couldn’t decipher much!

Some of us engaged the street sellers including this brooch seller who issued a hurry up as he thought he was about to be moved on by the police – which he no doubt was, as a few minutes before his pitch has been occupied by a painting seller – but also I think he thought he’d get a quick sale!

Did she buy???

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