Portugal – Lisbon

In Lisbon we able to moor directly across from the city and woke to this view of the early morning sun casting a warming light over the buildings opposite us. One of the ship’s staff who lives locally, suggested we take a tuktuk ride through the city as the tuktuks are narrow enough to get through the lanes and narrow roads.

We negotiated with a driver conveniently parked near the ship (are we tourists or travellers today?) and took off for our ride around Lisbon. It surely was an experience and we did get around the narrow lanes though we had to hang on quite a bit! The driver spoke good English and was very informative so it was a good experience even though we did see the aftermath of quite a nasty tuktuk accident attended by many police, the fire brigade and about four ambulances!

Here are a few photos of the sights of Lisbon – again very crowded with tourists (so it’s not the low season now we asked ourselves?) in the central area but away from that were elegant streets, squares, little local markets and lovely green parks.

I was surprised by the amount of graffiti in many areas – some more tasteful than others but even the iconic yellow trams were not exempt…..

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