A Coruna – Spain

Back across the Bay of Biscay (quite high seas and a bit of rocking and rolling on the ship) and our first port of call is A Coruna in the Spanish province of Galicia. We were all stunned by the Tower of Hercules – a lighthouse originally built by the Romans in the 1st Century. It was lit by a large oil lamp and a parabolic mirror and its position on a rocky headland in a rugged coast must have saved many ships over the centuries. The tower (and lighting source!!) has been modified several times since it was first built – but remarkably it still has a working lighthouse on its top. We climbed the 234 steps to the top for a magnificent view out over the city and coast. The blue compass mosaic represents the seven original Celtic nations – which includes Galicia (along with Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man).

We walked back into town along part of the brilliant 10 km shoreline walk, through the port by the time we boarded the ship we had done about double our goal of 10000 steps per day!

A great day – one of the highlights of the trip so far!

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