Weekend in Canterbury

We met up with our travelling companions in London and then headed to Canterbury for a couple of nights where we stayed in the delightful Canterbury Cathedral Lodge which is inside the grounds of the Cathedral. Lots of places to wander and see the city’s history – we found out a bit more about the Canterbury Tales, enjoyed the Roman Museum and of course the Cathedral and the mediaeval city itself. Lots of spectacular views of the Cathedral by day and beautifully lit by night for our evening wander outside the walls for dinner.

Top pic on left is from our room showing the entrance to the lodge with the Cathedral beyond, pic on right is the memorial to the martyred St Thomas A’Beckett inside the Cathedral, an exploration of the city’s ice cream offerings and the Cathedral and precincts by night carefully composed to eliminate the scaffolding covering the western end!

We took a bus to Dover and climbed the hill to Dover castle (equivalent to 22 storeys according to my phone!) with its spectacular views and extensive tunnels. Note the ear plugs on one member of the trio who was listening to the rugby grand final from Aus! Autumn definitely coming in but some lovely fine weather and still some late roses and other flowers around.

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  1. I love the descriptions. Some bring back memories, whilst others whet the appetite to follow your stops.

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