Antidote to jetlag – a quick walk on a sunny day!

Staying in Greenwich for a couple of days – arrived after the dreaded 24 hour flight yesterday morning – so spent a few hours wandering around Greenwich before hopping on a train and having a quick walk through the city – managed not to fall asleep all day!!

The Cutty Sark now sits above its own museum. Lunch at the nearby Old Brewery – delicious and outdoors on a lovely day – eating by the clock!! Up the hill at the Observatory a real clock – of the 24 hour variety – look closely to tell the time!

Went past St Paul’s, liked its reflection in the installation on the other side of the street (it’s there twice – look at the windows of the brown building), wondered why there were lots of paparazzi around and then realized we were outside the London Fashion Week venue.

Looking forward to another wander tomorrow!

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