A few dales in Derbyshire and a few days in Oxford – end of Part 1

Have been a bit behind with my posts – my excuse this time is we have just spent a week – shock, horror – without wifi!

So now it’s a few weeks since ….

Some walks through the Derbyshire dales……










A visit to a church where my great x2 grandfather Argyle was baptised …






Is this the font? It looks old!






A very long, long walk along the Thames and into Oxford – not much in the way of altitude but not a lot to look at either apart from long stretches of the river enlivened by the odd barge and some attractive reflections!

It was a very long way – by the time we realised how just how long we were past the point where we could do other than plod along! At least we didn’t have to climb any mountains along the way! Feet were very sore afterwards!

No wonder my first walking partner scurried back to thirty six degrees south! Next post from north of the border!

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