Walking in the Yorkshire Dales

This post is a bit overdue but we had a wonderful week’s walking based around Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales. The contrast between the greenest of greens in the fields and the last of the heather up on the moors made it a spectacular time to be walking.

By the end of the week we had walked a long way and had done some steep ascents up into the heather and along the top of the moors – not bad for two walkers of certain age from thirtysixdegreessouth. We found our way through footpaths, avoided acres of nettles, climbed over stiles and opened and closed about ten varieties of gates mostly under the gaze of the woolly inhabitants.

The bull in the field and his companion unfortunately blocking the stile over the stone fence took quite some time grazing their way down the hill before we could pass them by. Not that either of us were worried!

High on one of the moors we came across this sight…..

We had several theories – kids on outdoor ed walks, military people doing something? Our antipodean backgrounds really didn’t help make sense of the activity…

We weren’t sure until we came closer…..

And the keeper explained they were beaters for a group of shooters who were down below us and the idea was that the grouse would be frightened up into the air for the shooters. People we spoke to afterwards were a bit ambivalent about the activity. On the one side the shooting, on the other the work for the locals which evidently brings in a lot of money to the area.

We were lucky and had only one really wet day….

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