Walking and touring @ around 51°N and slightly beyond

Leaving the cold behind at 36 degrees south and coming to the UK for a few weeks of walking and touring we have encountered lovely tail end of summer weather with lots of end of summer activities taking place.

We happened on a Victoriana Steampunk festival in Lincoln and, leading a quiet life at 36°S I didn’t have any idea what steampunk is and had to ask one of the steampunkers to explain what they were up to. If you are not sure either have a look here.

They were having wonderful fun and were only too happy to be photographed.






We were able to view the Domesday Book which was on display nearby for a short time, but of course not able to take a photograph of it. It was much smaller than the great tome I had envisaged – maybe the old foolscap in dimension and about 5 cm thick.


The crowds and fun were in contrast to the peace and quiet of nearby Lincoln Cathedral which we dashed into.

Lincoln Cathedral

I liked the simplicity of this modern wooden lectern and altar against  the ancient stone of the building.






Our first walks were along the beautiful Northumberland coast, along parts of the Northumberland coastal path and St Oswald’s Way.

Much of the walking was along the coast so as long as the sea was on the right side of us we couldn’t get lost. Big tides made for wide beaches. High tide might have been a bit more difficult!

Beach walking


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