Hong Kong – in the wet season!

This week I am making a quick visit to see the family in Hong Kong. The late arrival of our flight alerted me to the weather conditions that made the first few days of the week very saturated! Of course I should have been more diligent about researching the weather before I left – I was prepared for the heat but didn’t bring a rain jacket or suitable shoes! You can see from the photos below that Big Wave Bay village was practically awash! All the creeks and streams were gushing and so were the pathways from the house to the car park. The 30° plus heat and the rain make it really sticky but of course create bright verdant growth everywhere as the little vegie plot along the pathway demonstrates!

Rainy bwb

On the way into the city there were several places where work teams were repairing mudslides and in the city the high rises and crane tops were hidden from view by the mist.  Umbrellas were the order of the day but the rain didn’t stop a little bird singing its heart out from inside a plastic covered cage midway up a high rise in the centre of town.

HK in town rainy

What else could we do but make our way to our favourite yum cha restaurant and wait for the rain to ease!

Yum Cha Happy Valley June 2017

Meanwhile outside the malls taxis queued up by the dozens to collect shoppers who hope to stay dry and in the traditional market areas it was business as usual under the awnings!

meanwhile taxis and butcher

As I write this the rain has stopped and the sun is out and it is hotter and steamier than ever!

Andrew and kids

PS – now its raining again!

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  1. Great photos. Brings back memories of my visit

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