Around the Mediterranean – final leg

The final leg of our Mediterranean odyssey took us around the southern Greek coastline,  up through the Ionian Sea and along the Croatian coastline of the Adriatic Sea to Slovenia and finally to Venice in Italy.

Here a four sets of images to complete the voyage.

From the port of Itea in Greece, we travelled through the olive groves to one of most visited archeological sites in Greece if not the world – Delphi – home of the Oracle of Apollo. Quite a number of school groups doing their end of northern hemisphere school year excursions were visiting, the students showing various degrees of interest in their surroundings, but fortunately for us we were there early in the season and the crowds not too bad.


The setting is spectacular, on the side of a mountain with fantastic views out over the valley below. No wonder it became a place with such special significance. The Oracle remained silent while we there though it is possible that instead of channelling its voice through a priestess it now channels digitally as per the lower left photo above!

Onward up the coast to the beautiful old city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.  The first day we were there was lovely – great weather and not too many tourists (like us!!) – and we had a wonderful walk around the walls of the old town taking in the deep blue of the water and the  warm hues of the buildings, especially the roof tiles.  We ended the day with a delicious seafood meal in one of the many restaurants in the narrow alleys of the old town. The next day was wet and the old town so crowded we were glad we had been able to see it the day before.


Two photos from Koper in Slovenia which I think  represent the new modern chic of the country that is now a democracy and member of the European Union, and its recent past as part of eastern bloc Yugoslavia with its emphasis on industry as the drain cover with its somewhat severe representation of work indicates.

Love the outdoor dancing lessons!!


Finally ……to Venice …… Beginning with a wonderful early morning sail into the city through the Grand Canal with views like the one below of St Mark’s Square.


As always the waterways of Venice were crowded with water vehicles, the iconic sleek gondolas but also the ambulance, firefighting, furniture delivering and garbage craft among others. Time obviously hanging heavily on their hands the two gondoliers above looked like they were consulting their oracles!!!

As you can see from the umbrellas, the weather turned wet and cool, so as at the start of the cruise the coats were out again!


Following the finish of our cruise  we have had a week in a very soggy Normandy and are now enjoying warm sunny weather in the UK (yes really!!!). Hopefully I will manage a few images for these to be posted sooner rather than later!!







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