On the Mediterranean …. Part 2

The sunny weather at the end of the last post quickly gave way to more cool and often very windy weather which has meant those coats which we had hoped to put away are still at the ready each time we walk down the gangway! Our two day stay in Amalfi turned into one as the captain decided the winds were too high to continue transferring passengers by tender boat to the port. No sun baking or swimming as you might expect on the Amalfi coastline but nonetheless we enjoyed a wander around the little town where the lemons and their products were much in evidence….


As a result of our abbreviated visit to Amalfi we were rescheduled to visit Naples, which I was quite happy about, never having been closer than Pompeii on a previous visit to Italy. The weather was cold, the day overcast and a bit dreary and Mt Vesuvius had low cloud over it all day. The Bay of Naples is quite beautiful with its mountain backdrop but we were surprised to see many police everywhere in the city – both the national carabinieri and the local police. Not sure if there was a particular reason or if it’s an everyday occurrence.  There also seemed to be a lot of graffiti in the streets. The backstreets of the old towns are often narrow like this one in Naples. Bikes and at best tiny cars are the only vehicles that fit down them. Washing hangs from lines outside many apartments even on the most elegant of areas.


Naples was an interesting experience and my photos and impressions are probably bit flavoured by the weather!!  Our next destinations were two stops on the island of Sicily where the sun shone enough for us to need sunglasses and hats. The water sparkled and we started to see some swimmers and sun bakers. Syracuse seemed to shimmer with the light on the water which also reflected on the light stone of the buildings.


Lovely wide piazzas flanked by attractive buildings and more tourists than we’ve seen so far.  Also lots of school groups everywhere, children wearing fluro coloured vests or hats which I think is a great idea, as one who has spent a lot of time counting heads in various places!


After another weather abbreviated stop in Malta, sailing into and out of the spectacular harbour below


we headed off to Santorini in Greece, another unscheduled stop on what is turning out to be a magical mystery tour!!  At last the coats were stashed and we had a wonderful Mother’s Day visit to the island, taking in the spectacular scenery, the iconic blues of the church domes and white of the buildings and enjoying a fresh seafood lunch on the waterfront ….


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  1. It seems strangely cool as we have been experiencing a sudden warm and sunny period, no lemons in our garden though! loving your tales:-) Danny and Liz

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