On the Mediterranean – starting @ around 44°N – Part 1

This post is the first of a month long odyssey around the Mediterranean on the ship Azamara Journey beginning in Nice, France.  Rather than trying to document the itinerary of the journey which could be very boring! I’m going to try to collect together a few themes every week or so…

As you might see from this photo of the famous beach at Nice, there is next to no-one on the beach, certainly no suntanned celebs to be seen anywhere we were! The weather is unseasonably cool to cold even for this time of the year. Not as cold as further north where there is still frosts and snow but still coat weather….


We have already deviated from our original itinerary and have crisscrossed the northern part of the Med as the captain avoided storms in the Gulf of Lion. Thankfully he succeeded and its been extremely smooth sailing so far as we sailed south to northern Spain and then north to Southern France again!


Being on the Med, even when cloudy, the overwhelming colours are variations of blue and the theme has to be marine in nature! We’ve seen boats and ships of all sizes and shapes but the fishing boats to be seen in every port are fascinating. Large and small, they are working boats and provide some sort of living for their masters. Every little port has a local fish market and the fish are literally straight from the boat to the market. Some the seafood species are quite unrecognisable to me but they all look as fresh as fresh and were no doubt on someone’s table by the end of the day!


We docked at the Spanish island of Menorca on the 24th of April and wondered why so many women seemed to be carrying red roses.st-georges-day.jpg We were also interested in the large number of book stalls in the main street and thought it must be some kind of book fair, especially as several people were reading from plays or books. In fact, it was a celebration of St Georges Day where the women are given roses and the men books (which according to our informant, go largely unread!!).

The door knocker is a random inclusion but I like its fish shape!


No shore trip is complete without a coffee and wifi stop…..


Nearly all the ports we have visited have consisted of an old town and an old port usually with a light house on the end of the harbour wall. Sometimes they are too small for even our fairly small ship to get into and we have climbed into the tender boats for ferrying to the harbour. As you can see the weather is still challenging…



Our first warmish day came yesterday as we visited the Corsican port of Propaniano and we were able to do the usual wander around the little town taking in the local sights and then deciding to partake of the local cuisine in the sun by the harbour. Our waitress was a girl from Coonabarabran who said she hadn’t heard an Australian voice for months and nearly cried when she heard us all walking down the streets (the passengers are nearly all Aussies). She is married to a Corsican who is the chef in the restaurant, the food and local wine was absolutely delicious…


Next stop…..Italy….

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