Northwestern Scotland – Lochinver and surrounds, @ around 58°N

From the ferry at Gill’s Bay we travelled the North West Highlands Route to Lochinver – our base for a week. It’s remote, fairly sparsely settled and has stunning scenery.

Much of our journey was on single lane roads with passing places so two vehicles can pass when necessary.


It’s an area with ancient geology relatively recently overlain with the results of glaciation during the ice ages. Along the coast are dramatic coastal cliffs and rocky inlets interspersed with sandy beaches. Lots of islands off shore and many lochs and lochen (little lochs) inland.  Some panos to start…


DSC0457 Pano


Below – top and bottom rows – Strathan, the bay we stayed on near Lochinver – spectacular water scenery by day or night. Middle row:I was surprised to see operational red telephone boxes in lots of places, ours being long gone. Bridge at Kylescu where there used to be a ferry. Lovely local seafood to be had in the nearby hotel.


More spectaular scenery on our walks….


The friendly hospitable local people have had a difficult past, some families descended from the hardy tenant farmers who several generations ago, suffered through the highland clearances, others being fishermen in the treacherous seas off the wild coast. Large scale local fishing is all but finished now though there are still some trawlers in the ports.

I’ve had a go at representing Scotland’s atmospheric past and coastline in these  black and white images:

Black and white

Finally a few more with the water theme:

Lochinver sea

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  1. Good work Liz, nice photos & good stories with them.

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