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A hastily arranged but so far very enjoyable trip to Scotland……went from the airport in London to the sleeper train and woke up in Inverness in northern Scotland! From there by car to John O’Groats and then by ferry to the Orkneys.

A few images so far:

Some heather still evident in the early autumn in this view across the Moray Firth.


The bridge at Bonar Bridge – long a waystation on the road north, now superseded by another bridge but the village is well worth a detour.  The kilted soldier war memorials are a common sight.


John O’Groats – the village nearest the most north easterly tip of mainland Britain. Here are a couple of images of the Inn which is a reincarnation of an old hotel.  We stayed in the blue building looking out over the harbour and towards the Orkneys.



The coastal scenery is spectacular as per this view of the stacks south of nearby Duncansby Head


Due to the wild coastscape there are numerous lighthouses along the coast.   A number (at least the ones we have seen) seem to have been built by the Stevenson family – i.e. the family of the author RL Stevenson, author of Treasure Island; including this one at Dunnet Head.


Fishing, farming, tourism and off shore oil seem to be the employment base up here.  Fishing is a way of life – from the larger trawlers to the one person operators with their crab and lobster pots….


Everyone acknowledges the amazing contribution of the volunteer lifeboat crews  who risk their lives to save others in their distinctive life boats based all over the country.


Next post – onwards to Orkney!!

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