Scandinavia @ around 60 degrees north – a glimpse of Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm

Going up the fiord to Oslo – still deep waters with picturesque villages and houses along the way, boats of all sizes and types everywhere.

Up the fiord
The blue  – on Scandinavian flags is really represented in the sea and the sky. Against the blue is the vibrant green of the summer foliage and the fantastic displays of summer flowers.

Vikings tri

The viking heritage – here represented at the magnificent Viking Museum in Oslo – the conservation of the ships and artefacts and the narrative about the ship burials is fascinating. Their ‘travels’ across Europe as far as Istanbul is as  amazing as the gracefulness and practicality of the ships and the intricate design on objects like the demon head above.


Sat Market Helsinki

Scandinavian design – I find it fresh with clean lines and colours. Plenty of design in fabric and clothing and household objects and of course glass and metal as above.

Market salmon

The Saturday market by Helsinki Harbour – has wonderful food and modern as well as traditional crafts.

The Nobel Prizes – the Peace prize is awarded from Oslo – building below. All the other Nobel prizes are awarded in Sweden.

Nobel peae

The summer – I find it warmish in the sun but cool in the shadows – but the locals are enjoying it – the gay pride parade in Oslo was vibrant and colourful and everywhere when the sky is blue people are out!


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