Big Wave Bay Village

A number of shops line the single lane road which runs down to the beach at Big Wave Bay.  They are very colourful with kids’ beach gear, surfboards and other paraphernalia hanging outside the shops and most sell noodles or some other food and have a small eating area as well.
Village 18
Another road runs down to the village car park where residents leave their cars and walk to their houses. From the car park the path passes the village post office and winds its way through houses, past shrines and gardens and up a gully with a creek flowing down from the hills behind. Many of the houses back onto scrubland and there is lush looking vegetation everywhere.

Village 9

Village 6

Village 12

Village 19

Village 2


Everything that goes into the construction of the houses, all the household goods down to the grocery shopping has to be transported along the paths.  They are a bit like the snickelways of York and other old cities. Some people have motorised transportation and almost everyone has some sort of trolley. Passing each other on the path is a great way to get to know the neighbours!

Andrew house 3Village-5.jpg

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