Big Wave Bay @ 22 degrees north ….

…….is the home of our Hong Kong based son and his family. They live in the village of Big Wave Bay which is on the southern coast of Hong Kong island. The beach at Big Wave Bay is popular at all times of the year, with decent swells for surfers in the winter, and is thronged by swimmers and picnickers in the summer.

Big Wave Bay beach

This weekend just gone we went to the beach fairly early in the morning and enjoyed the relative peace and quiet before the crowds arrived. This time of the year it is hot pretty much all day with temperatures ranging from 28 – 33 ish celsius. The sun is particularly fierce in the middle of the day and the sea temperature is quite warm so there is no body shock on diving in.


Big Wave Bay beach-4

Looking back from the beach is quite a large expanse of forest running up to a range of mountains called Dragon Back. This is Shek O Country Park, similar to one of our national parks. It has a number of walking trails through it, including one which runs along the Dragon Back and has magnificent views on either side of the range. We’ve walked it a few times but it’s too hot and humid at this time of the year for me to do though!

Big Wave Bay beach-3


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  1. Wow! Looks hot! Great photos!

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